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We offer a wide range of Precast Concrete Products to suit any project big or small! From Heavy Duty Bumper Curbs to Septic Tanks, we have it all. We also serve Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas with Ready-Mixed Concrete from our Certified Plant. View the photo gallery below for more. 

Septic Tanks - Concrete


Available in:

3600 L / 800 Gallon 

4500 L / 1,000 Gallon DZ

4500 L / 1,000 Gallon 2 pc. 

5850 L / 1,300 Gallon DZ

6800 L / 1,500 Gallon 1 pc. DZ

9000 L / 2,000 Gallon DZ

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Septic Tanks - Plastic


Infiltrator Brand Plastic Tanks - Available in:

4095 L / 910 Gallon 

Infiltrator Chambers Also Available

(EQ 24 / EQ 36)

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Ready-Mixed Concrete


A wide Range of Strength Options:

  • 20 MPa (Ideal for Footings / Basement Walls etc)
  • 32 MPa (C-2) (Ideal for Garage Slabs / Walkways etc.)
  • And more - contact us for more information!

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Precast Concrete Steps


A large variety of Precast Steps to fit your project. 

Widths Available:

4' , 5' , 6' 

Made to order. 

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Transformer Vaults


Kabar Vault

Mini Pad Vault

Mini Pad Enlarged Vault

URD 44 Vault

#1 Transformer Vault

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Other Precast Concrete Products


  • Catch Basins
  • Jersey Barrier
  • Recycled Concrete Landscape Blocks
  • Culvert Ends
  • And more!

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